Terms & Conditions

1) Booking time is inclusive of setup, test shoot, makeup and wrap up time. Hirer is to hand over the studio in the original condition, punctually, at the end of the session. Studio opens 5 min. before start time. Please DO NOT informed your team or client to come before booking time as the studio will be locked.
2) Extension of booking session is subjected to availability.
3) Start time is based on booking slot, not the time of Hirer’s arrival.
4) Submission of hirer’s details, shoot details and acceptance of our rental terms and conditions are required for your booking.
5) Hirer must request for permission from Studio Nine of the list of all equipment and props that Hirer will bring into the Studio for use during the shoot.
6) Full payment applies even if the booking session ends earlier than the booked time.
7) Please note that Hirer’s booking is not confirmed until we have received Hirer’s deposit. The balance of the payment and any other additional equipment rental must be paid in full before the start of the rental.
8) To confirm booking, 50% (non-refundable) deposit of the Studio rental and 100% (non-refundable) full payment of in-house assistant fee is required.
9) Hirer will be charged for extra hours and any additional fees in accordance with published rates. Extended bookings are subject to studio availability and any prior scheduled commitments.
10) Term of balance payment for extra hours by PayNow or Internet banking transfer only before leaving the studio. Late payment are subject to monthly interest charge of 2%.
11) Hirer should confirm availability of equipment and other add-ons for rental in advance. These equipment and add-ons are strictly for in-studio usage.
12) Hirer must engage one of our in-house studio assistants at additional fee of $300/day (up to 8 hours max.) on weekdays. Extended hour will be charged at $56.25 per hour (1.5 times o the hourly rate) on weekdays. Minimum booking of 4 hours at $56.25/hour on weekends/Public Holidays. Extended hour will be charged at $85/hour (1.5 times of the hourly rate) on weekends/Public Holidays.
13) A booking is considered CONFIRMED only upon receipt of Hirer’s deposit and a confirmation email sent from Studio Nine. The required deposit is 50% (non-refundable) of the Studio rental plus 100% (non-refundable) full payment of in-house studio assistant for the number of days booked but does not include any un-anticipated expenses or equipment rental fees.
14) Hirer is responsible for all repairs to and/or replacement of any portion of the studio and/or the studio equipment (including kitchen/pantry appliances) damaged during the use of rental of the studio or the equipment. This includes the CYC and damage to the floor of CYC from water, shoes prints or other substances. These charges will include materials, labor and loss of revenue resulting from down time. Hirer agrees to check with the studio manager for a list of acceptable materials, fog materials, etc. prior to the rental. The studio manager’s approval is required before using any such materials. Studio manager’s approval of any such materials shall not relieve Hirer of liability for any damage as a result of the use of the material. When using the studio strobes, do not shoot at burst mode. Replacement of the strobes and other equipment will be at the prevailing prices.
15) Hirer shall indemnify and hold the Studio not responsible for any liability loss, cost, expense or damages to any person arising from the use of the studio, equipment, props or services, substances, procedures and/or operations in or about the studio in relation to the use of the studio.
16) Hirer shall maintain, at Hirer’s expense, worker’s compensation insurance and public liability and property damage insurance, insuring against all liability of Hirer for the use of the studio and the equipment.
17) Hirer must keep all studio and support areas cleaned, the rubbish picked up, return all equipment to its proper area and return areas of the studio to their condition at the beginning of each rental day. All areas used for food preparation, storage and consumption shall be cleaned thoroughly and all garbage removed by Hirer.
18) Cleaning Fee : $60 (Chargeable if place is not return in its original clean, ready state).
19) Lost and Found : Any items found/left behind in the studio will be kept for 5 days from date of booking. Any uncollected/ left behind items will be disposed thereafter. Hirer is liable for any disposal cost incurred when applicable.
20) Hirer will be charged for storage fee of $50 per day for props brought into the studio more than 12 hours prior to the scheduled shoot or left longer than 12 hours after Hirer’s shoot.
21) The studio may take visual and/or audio recordings of Hirer and participants during the booking sessions and reserve the right to use these for promotional, management or educative purposes (in Singapore or overseas). Participants’ individual consent for this will be assumed to have been granted unless otherwise indicated by Hirer, in writing or by email, prior to the start of the booking.
22) The studio is built for photography use only. Although the studio allows video recording to be done in the studio, the studio is not suitable for high quality audio recording as it is not designed & built to be eliminate external and ambient noise generated by the surrounding environment. Hirer is advised to evaluate the suitability of the studio for audio recording before making a booking.
23) This studio is equipped with electrical cable supporting up to 13 AMP maximum. Hirer is fully responsible for all damages caused by overloading on this cable.
24) Evaluation/surveying of studio condition is only available by appointment confirmed with studio manager.
25) The studio is built with kitchen/pantry appliances that are available for rental at $ 50/day. These appliances are only for use of Food & Beverages photography.
26) No shoes are allowed on WHITE FLOOR of CYC.
27) No pets of any kind are allowed inside the studio.
28) This studio is under CCTV surveillances.
29) Studio Nine @ Tannery Pte. Ltd. reserves the rights to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notification. We reserve the right to terminate any rental contract.
30) To contact studio manager, please email to rent@nine.com.sg